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Carina Rojas

Realtor / Loan Officer

At a young age, I was able to witness my parents financial growth through their investments in real estate. My parents were regular business people who purchased investment properties and sold them after just a few years. They were able to profit from a sale and re-invest their profit, this resulted in personal business growth which in turn also helped them purchase additional investment properties. Through their success I have witnessed the countless opportunities that owning real estate brings,  as a result I became fascinated with the industry and there began my desire to pursue what I now know as my career.


My goal is to educate potential home buyers of the countless benefits that home ownership brings. Many Non  homeowners make a subconscious connection with home buying as being unattainable, expensive or simply a dream, however, I find that once my buyers have a clear understanding of the process and expectations, they no longer view home buying as an obstacle, instead it becomes a goal to reach with a deadline.


My goal is to educate potential home buyers of the buying process and ensure they feel informed and confident in making what they will later know as the greatest investment of their life. There are many loan programs available to assist them, I am here to walk them through those options.  


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